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About the gym

CrossFit Florence, located in the heart of Florence, CO, is synonymous with excellence in fitness. Our gym specializes in CrossFit training, offering top-tier programs like CrossFit Group Training, One-On-One Personal Training, and Nutritional Coaching. Empowering our members to achieve their best selves is at the core of everything we do. At CrossFit Florence, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to supporting and guiding each member on their fitness journey with personalized attention and expertise.

CrossFit Florence is more than just a gym; it's a thriving community hub dedicated to promoting health and wellness both locally and beyond. We actively engage in partnerships, events, and initiatives that foster holistic well-being. From charity workouts to community challenges, we strive to make fitness a fun and inclusive experience for everyone. Our commitment extends beyond physical fitness to building relationships and making a positive impact on the lives of our members.

At CrossFit Florence, our top-rated programs set us apart as a leading CrossFit gym. Our CrossFit Group Training offers a dynamic and challenging workout environment that fosters camaraderie and progress. For those seeking personalized attention, our One-On-One Personal Training ensures individualized support and guidance to achieve specific fitness goals. Our Nutritional Coaching program complements physical training by providing tailored meal plans and expert advice for sustainable health and wellness. With a range of diverse programs designed to cater to varying fitness levels and preferences, CrossFit Florence remains the preferred choice for those seeking transformative results and unparalleled fitness experiences.

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Conveniently located on Main St in Florence, CO

202 E Main St, Florence, CO 81226, USA

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Florence is located and easily accessible from all of Florence.

We are conveniently located 1 block from 3rd and Main St.

130 N 3rd St, Cañon City, CO 81212

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Cañon City CrossFit is located and easily accessible from all of Cañon City.

Your fitness journey doesn't have to feel long. We're here to make it a lot more fun!