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Fitness. Where do I begin?

Trying to start a fitness routine can seem scary and overwhelming. Where do I begin? What movements do I do? What's the best program? Should I binge eat all of the food in my house before starting tomorrow? For me I don't workout well on my own. I've tried the gym. But I need structure and for someone to tell me I am going to make it out alive. That's why CrossFit works for me. I didn't really start taking my fitness journey serious until I was in my mid 30s.


Here is a picture of me in 2008. My stress and anxiety level were at an all time high. My outlet was food. I weighed 185 lbs and wore a size 16 pant. I couldn't believe how I let my eating habits get out of control. In 2010 I decided to make a change. I started making healthier food choices. That was a good start. But the stress and anxiety were still there.


In March of 2011 I started going to Canon City Community Fitness (currently CrossFit Canon City). I feared for my life at first. The words being used like "WOD", "AMRAP", and "METCON" were foreign to me. And you want me to do how many burpees? Soon that fear subsided when I saw a community of people just like me wanting to take control of their health with exercise. My trainer, Ian, was always encouraging. When he saw me doing something good he told me "Great job". When he saw me wanting to quit he said "You got it Alicia". And when he saw me performing movements poorly he was great in correcting me so I wouldn't get hurt. Not only was my trainer cheering me on. My fellow community members were, too! I had good workout days and not so good workout days where I felt defeated. I had to lay down the comparison game with fellow members. This workout was me against myself. 3 days a week eventually became 5 days a week. Struggling to run 400 meters eventually became running my first half marathon. CrossFit was building a mental toughness in me that I didn't even know I had. From barely being able to do PVC bar movements correctly to deadlifting 285 lb my body was being pushed beyond what I thought. And it all started with a choice. A choice to become a healthier, stronger version of myself.

WHERE DO I BEGIN? So my question is "Fitness. Where do I begin?" The answer is simple. Begin today. Make the choice. The choice to show up. The choice to do something for YOU. The choice to be stronger than you were yesterday. And you have to start somewhere. So why not today? Come by and check out CrossFit Florence at 202 E Main St in Florence. You get a FREE week to try it out!



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